I work hard to be an engaged and effective voice for you, and I believe in pragmatic governing that makes an impact while controlling spending. My first four years as Senator have proven that with practical solutions like smart allocation of resources and removal of barriers, we can provide new services and opportunities to Nebraskans without unnecessary spending.

A track record of performance on issues that matter:

Eliminated the Common Levy:

One of the biggest concerns of voters in LD 45 has been the Learning Community Common Levy.  This common levy was also a concern because it was linked to frozen school boundaries that hampered Bellevue’s housing development growth.  The common levy has been eliminated and the costly transportation program tied to open enrollment has been phased out.

Secured State Funding for Offutt/Bellevue Levees:

The state funding for the Offutt/Bellevue levees was critical to getting the funding for the Offutt runway repairs.

Improved Economic Development:

  • As Chair of Urban Affairs, I ushered through several bills that update the tools that municipalities, including Bellevue, have for economic development.
  • Infrastructure is critical for economic development. I have supported sustainable investment in infrastructure for Bellevue and Sarpy County

All accomplishments in the Unicameral are team efforts, but someone has to take the lead and make the team successful.  I have passed over 20 bills in my four years in the Unicameral.  Only 2 of these required any additional state General Fund spending.  Among the bills that I have sponsored and passed are bills to do the following:

Improve Government Transparency & Tackle Regulations

  • Establish a state regulation complaint procedure
  • Increase state contract transparency with a publically searchable contract database

Improve Nebraska’s policies for Military Families and Veterans

  • Protect custody and visitation for children of deployed military parents
  • Create a private-sector veteran hiring preference option in Nebraska
  • Require in-state tuition for veterans and spouses who locate in Nebraska
  • Allow for dignified burials for unclaimed remains of veterans
  • Provide job protections for Guard members from other states employed in Nebraska

Improve Access to Healthcare:

  • Elimination of an unnecessary regulation to increases access to care by Nurse Practitioners
  • Protection of sick leave for police who must take temporary disability
  • Allow naloxone for first responders to use in overdose cases
  • Provide access to cannabis research treatment for children with intractable epilepsy